Why Global Wiza Hub is One of The Best Overseas Education Consultants in India?

Globalwizahub is your one-stop destination for assisting Indian students with their study abroad plans. Our core mission is to make your dream to study overseas become a reality with expert support and invaluable guidance. We have an extensive network and partnerships with world-renowned Institutes to provide you with the education, exposure, and placements you need.

Our team of Overseas Education Experts provides comprehensive guidance and instruction on the above-mentioned programs, including work permits, student visas, international education applications, visa applications, and much more. Our team is knowledgeable about every possible aspect of country immigration and its related regulations.

Good Study Habits + Dedication= Success

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Highest Acceptance Rates

The number of students seeking admission in colleges and universities overseas has increased manifold in the past few years. Globalwizahub Education Consultants is the best option for students looking to study in a foreign country.

We have the highest acceptance rates and can help students with every step of the process, from finding a school to getting a visa. We also provide support during the student’s time abroad.

Expert Counsellors

Globalwizahub have years of experience helping people make the transition to a new country and can offer valuable advice on everything from visa requirements to finding affordable housing. Our Overseas education experts are individuals who have been educated and/or worked in a foreign country and can offer expert advice on studying or working abroad.

We have highly experienced counselors, who provide information on a range of topics, including admission requirements, visa procedures, living and studying costs, and cultural adjustment.

Pay Fees After Visa

Globalwizahub offers the unique facility of paying the fees only after the visa is obtained. This is a major advantage for the students as they are not required to pay the entire amount at once. Our consultant also provides assistance with the visa application process.

Job Placement with Work

Many students are interested in studying abroad but don’t know where to start. Globalwizahub helps students find the best options for their education goals and budget. We provide information on programs in different countries, as well as assistance with applying and financing studies overseas.


Globalwizahub offers to help students without IELTS or TOFEL scores get into schools abroad. Globalwizahub guarantees that the student will be accepted to the school of their choice. We work with several hundred universities around the world and have a 100% acceptance rate.

No Old Funds Required

There are many benefits to studying abroad. Not only do you get to learn in a new and exciting environment, but you also gain an international perspective that can be invaluable in your career. And, contrary to what some may believe, you don’t need to have mountains of money saved up to make it happen.

Globalwizahub helps students from all over the world study in some of the most prestigious universities in the world, without requiring any old funds. “We want to remove all financial barriers for students who want to achieve their dream of studying abroad”.

In addition to providing access to some of the best schools in the world, we also offer a wide range of services such as visa assistance, accommodation, and airport pick-up.

Career Counselling

An individual’s career is one of the most important personal decisions they will make in their life. The decision can be daunting, but with the help of our overseas education consultant, it can be less intimidating.


Globalwizahub consultants can provide career counseling and advice to help make the best decision for your future. Our experts help you assess your skills, interests, and goals to find a career that is the best fit for you.

We also provide information on schools and programs that offer the training you need for your chosen career. If you are looking for help choosing a career or want advice on how to pursue your dream job, an overseas education consultant is a perfect resource.

Affordable Price

Our consultants help students to get admission in renowned colleges and universities abroad at an affordable price. The acceptance rates of these institutes are high, which is why more and more students are choosing to study abroad.

Globalwizahub helps students find the right school and program for their needs and budgets. we also provide advice on visas, housing, and other logistical concerns. Students who are interested in studying abroad should consider working with a consultant to make the process easier and less stressful. Contact Us today.